Lower Chakra Strengthening Meditation

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Fundamental to the The Lightning Path is the Great Invocation meditation. It is a chakra activation meditation that emphasizes balanced chakra development and activation. It does this by directing intentional visualization towards each chakra in turn.

However, the Dossier of the Ascension also provides visualizations for each individual chakra.  This is because it is also sometimes advisable to direct “extra” effort towards certain chakras that could benefit from extra focus or emphasis.

Like everybody else, I have always had a weak and dysfunctional chakra system. However, because I know myself and my personal life history, I can also intuit the particular “flavor” of my chakra dysfunction. Specifically, I think my chakra system has traditionally been stronger in the upper chakra energies than in the lower chakra energies.

In this article, I am going to share a technique that I developed for my own use, tailored to my own specific type of chakra imbalance. This technique focuses only on the lower three chakras, and is a visualization method to strengthen them.  Again the idea is not to develop some chakras at the expense of others, but simply to strengthen my particular areas of weakness and to bring about a more balanced system overall.

The first question is: how have I determined that my bottom three chakras needed specialized attention? I think the answer to that is that it is just a “knowing” that has came to me as I have moved along the spiritual path. Additionally, I’ve found that by examining my own life and behavioral tendencies through the lens provided by this intuitive knowing, that I can see things more clearly.

First, consider my solar chakra. Historically my solar chakra has been weak, as can be seen most clearly in my tendency toward depression. In depressive states, the lack of the solar energies lead to a very noticeable and visceral generalized lack of energy in both my psyche and physical body.

Next, energetic flow through my sacral chakra has also tended to be very restricted. Examples of this are most clearly seen in my inability to really harness my own creativity. For example, I make my living as a computer programmer, but actually computer programming is something that I have been involved with and proficient at since I was a very young child. Looking back at my early attempts at programming, one thing that sticks out at me was just how prolific I was! Even though I was just doing it as a hobby, I was extremely passionate and driven, and effortlessly wrote 100’s of programs for no real reason other than that the process of creating programs was interesting to me. However, as an adult — where my entire livelihood depends on my ability to write programs — I struggle daily because of an intense “writer’s block” which has descended upon my creative output. I think there are other chakras implicated in this, but the primary cause I believe to be with my sacral chakra: because of energetic restriction through the sacral, my drive to create itself has been severely impacted.

Finally, consider my root chakra.  It is the energies of the root chakra that support our grounding into the physical world. But as a child and young adult, I tended to live predominantly in the world of imagination… completely neglecting the actual physical reality of my life circumstances. I had a rich inner life, and always had easy access to boundless ideas. But unfortunately, I had almost a complete inability to actually ground those ideas into my actual life! For me, the foundational aspects of my existence were always the most problematic. Such simple things as establishing a daily routine, maintaining a consistent work and sleep schedule, eating properly, and having a stable living arrangement were always missing. At my worst, I was almost “living by accident”.

Over the course of time I’ve spent on the LP, I have worked to heal and balance my own chakras. (As an aside, It has been my experience that this is a long-term, gradual process that requires continual effort and persistence.) My latest push to move forward with this is what I want to share here.

So back to the point of this blog post. Recently, I had the intuitive and spontaneous initiative to begin to systematically strengthen my lower three chakras. This occurred when I unexpectedly had the desire to spend some time coloring a mandala. I picked one out totally at random, and then realized that I had purchased a new set of colored pencils earlier that day on a whim. I used the pencils to color the image, and then had the thought to text my friend a picture of it.

As I composed the text to her explaining “what it meant”, I realized that up to that point, I had no idea myself! It all just sort of “happened.” However, while explaining it to my friend, the entire thing seemed to make perfect sense, and I realized that I’d inadvertently created a tool to help myself balance my own chakras.

I took a picture of the mandala, and am including it here:

lower chakra mandala

lower chakra mandala

The mandala is designed to facilitate efficient willful movement of the energies through the lower three chakras. To use it, simply focus either on the image itself, or a version of it in your own mind. Once you have the image as the focus of your attention, begin intending an outward rush of energy originating in your solar chakra, which is symbolized by the bright yellow in the center of the mandala.

This outward rush of solar energy emanates via your willful intention. As it proceeds outwards, the energetic outpouring serves to energize and galvanize your own creative impulses, which originate in your sacral chakra, and are symbolized by the orange sparks in the mandala.

Thus energized, the sparks of sacral energy spiral outwards and find concrete expression in the 3D world around you. They do this by drawing on the foundational energies of your root chakra, which is represented as the red in the mandala.

Unblocking our chakra energies and achieving a grounded expression of our creative goals is an ostensible goal of spiritual practice. It is my hope that this mandala and visualization provides an example of a tool to help get us there.


Sharp, Michael (2005). The Dossier of the Ascension: A Practical Guide to Chakra Activation and Kundalini Awakening




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