New Energy Relationships

By September 28, 2017LP

New Energy Relationships are about voluntary co-creation, cooperation to jointly achieve creative objectives, and mutual need fulfillment. Old Energy relationships were about manipulation, domination, and subterfuge. Exist in the new energies!!

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  • aim says:

    Some months ago I read an article attempting to explain the “new type” of relationships which people seem to lead nowadays. It described these relationships as jumpy and non solid, without any commitment. Perhaps rightfully so, the article went on deeming these kind of relationships unconstructive and further saying that they are product of deep anxiety and so forth. In certain aspects I’d agree, but in others I don’t. I believe that joyful cooperation, mutual need fulfilment, jointly achieving something are not elements which necessarily need to (or even can) be framed into “classical” relationships. Why should a relationship necessarily need to last for decades? What’s wrong with short termed ones as long as mutual need fulfilment and joyful cooperation is there? In my (utterly idealistic) oppinion, we automatically already HAVE a relationship with all persons in this world. The only difference between a person who is in a “relationship” with you and one who isn’t is the amount of time spent together, the intimacy level etc. It’s always a gradual thing. There are no hard-coded boundaries. Our society created those (mental) boundaries via a socialization process for better or worse. What I’d like to question here is the hard-coded idea so many of us have that a relationship ought to be like this or like that; which ultimately rather resembles a contract – with the difference that it’s not written down. Relationships are flowing, they constantly change, and there’s nothing wrong about that. I feel that old energy relationships are often created by thought which pushes something into preexisting formats. New energy relationships often seem to actively deny the contractarian style of relationship. (Although there surely are many cases where immature non-contractarian relationships are built in which abuse is a daily thing.)

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