Remember to Breathe

By February 2, 2019LP

Original Aphorism #1:

“Just as the loving father doesn’t allow his child to stray far from his side, neither does the wise student of mindfulness allow his breath to stray far from his awareness.”


One good way to think of our minds is like an ocean full of waves. Just like the ocean, sometimes our minds are calm, and other times they are full of turbulence.  During such times of turbulence, the power and intensity of our thoughts can become so intense that our consciousness awareness is swept away with them, and we lose awareness of the present moment transpiring around us.

A simple way to counteract this tendency is to strive to maintain awareness of our own breathing, even during periods of intense mental activity.

Doing so can help us balance our awareness of our outer and inner realities, which is the goal of mindfulness.

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