Lightning Path Alexa Skill updated for new LP Podcast

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Recently The Lightning Path has launched it’s official podcast, which today I am pleased to announce is also available through the Lightning Path Alexa skill.

To enable the Lightning Path on your Alexa, just go to the Amazon page above and click on ‘Enable.’

Then just say “Alexa, ask Lightning Path to play Podcast” any time to hear the latest episodes from the LP Podcast as they are released.

Version 1.6 of Kundalini Piano Mirror available

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I am in the process of pushing version 1.6 of the Win32 version of the Kundalini Piano Mirror to Github.

New features include an embedded LUA interpreter, and embedded metronome functionality.

These new features work together to allow the system to support several interesting new capabilities, such as “auto legato”, where the system helps the pianist achieve a smooth legato sound, and “computer assisted dynamics”, where the system helps the pianist with dynamics and phrasing.

The system can do these things because it is now possible for the pianist to create their own .LUA scripts for various passages (or entire pieces) that they want to play. These scripts allow the system to modify the pianist’s dynamics and phrasing in real-time, based on where they are at in the piece.

For additional information, please see this post.

Lightning Path Skill is now available on the Amazon Alexa

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I got good new today! The Lightning Path Skill is now available on the Amazon Alexa.

Once you get, you can say:

“Alexa, tell Lightning Path to give me a quote”


“Alexa, tell Lightning Path to play a dialog”

The cool thing is that the back-end service [i.e. the logic I wrote which powers the skill] is hosted on Amazon’s servers, so even as the number of Lightning Path users increases, we will be able to handle the volume.

Kundalini Piano Mirror now available on the Android Platform

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The Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform is now available for Android (!), and can be downloaded from Google Play:

Like the original PortMidi-based Windows version, the Android version is designed to represent a minimally-viable-product. (In other words, don’t look for a fancy UI here!)

Instead, the Android version provides the core functionality needed to facilitate symmetrically inverted playing– which is the whole point of this project.

But the world being what it is, expect updates in the future that provide a better user interface!

Kundalini Piano Mirror

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The Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform is currently available for Windows-based systems, with both source code and binary installers released now.

Additional information on the system can be found on the main Kundalini Software website.

Up Next

Several enhancements are coming to the platform soon.

I am currently at work on an Android version of the software to be released through Google Play.

Additionally, I had an interesting idea recently to add the ability to map certain ranges on the keyboard to certain midi voices, so that multi-part music can be played with different fingers producing different voices.

More information coming soon!

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