Lightning Path Skill is now available on the Amazon Alexa

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I got good new today! The Lightning Path Skill is now available on the Amazon Alexa.

Once you get, you can say:

“Alexa, tell Lightning Path to give me a quote”


“Alexa, tell Lightning Path to play a dialog”

The cool thing is that the back-end service [i.e. the logic I wrote which powers the skill] is hosted on Amazon’s servers, so even as the number of Lightning Path users increases, we will be able to handle the volume.

Kundalini Piano Mirror now available on the Android Platform

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The Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform is now available for Android (!), and can be downloaded from Google Play:

Like the original PortMidi-based Windows version, the Android version is designed to represent a minimally-viable-product. (In other words, don’t look for a fancy UI here!)

Instead, the Android version provides the core functionality needed to facilitate symmetrically inverted playing– which is the whole point of this project.

But the world being what it is, expect updates in the future that provide a better user interface!

Kundalini Piano Mirror

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The Kundalini Piano Mirroring Platform is currently available for Windows-based systems, with both source code and binary installers released now.

Additional information on the system can be found on the main Kundalini Software website.

Up Next

Several enhancements are coming to the platform soon.

I am currently at work on an Android version of the software to be released through Google Play.

Additionally, I had an interesting idea recently to add the ability to map certain ranges on the keyboard to certain midi voices, so that multi-part music can be played with different fingers producing different voices.

More information coming soon!

Lightning Path 2.5 Released

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Today I updated the main Google Play version of the Lightning Path app to version 2.5

Very little actually changed on the surface, but I updated all my development tools, and am starting to restructure the code base (which is dated) so that we can support a more modern user interface.

Additionally, I integrated code I wrote several years ago in a different iteration of the app to include the Google In App Billing framework.

Once we start to integrate more recent Lighting Path content into the apps, we can allow users to all freely available LP content, plus have the option of either accessing LP student-only content via their LP subscription, or by purchasing student-only LP resources in a piece meal fashion.

The next thing I need to do is to update to the latest version of the FolioReader .EPUB viewing library that we are using in the app. Right now we are using a dated version, which has some bugs in it.

Kundalini Software is now active on GitHub, and am I am able to contribute some improvements to the open source library, as well as release some other Kundalini Software offerings as open source. (Note: The Lighting Path apps are not open source.)

But the newer version of the .EPUB library we are using is nice, and support audio narration. So please will be able to listen to switch back and forth between reading and listening to their Lighting Path books.

Looking back, the whole process of creating these apps was sort of a fiasco for me of starting, stopping, going off in different directions, etc, and transpired over more than ten years.

Version I created include at least:

  • a native ObjectC version that runs on Apple IPhones and IPads and IPods
  • a native C# Windows Mobile version, distributed through Microsofte
  • an Android Version using the Google Play infrastructure and libaries
  • an Android variant version distributed through Amazon using the Amazon in app billing and deployment infrastructure for use on Amazon Kindle Fire based devices, etc.
  • other stuff I can’t think of or remember

That whole time I made almost no effort to really get anyone using the apps or even much letting them know that they existed.

But in retrospect, I can see now that the whole thing is part of a large creative moment that is transpiring over an extended time span, whereby I am working in conjunction with Michael to create a useful platform to help distribute Lighting Path content on a big scale. Right now there are not many users, and my development efforts seem to be fragmentary.

But actually, a lot of the ground work has been accomplished in the past, and it is ready to start to be “brought together” in the present. As a matter of fact, sometimes I can’t even exactly remember doing all the development work in the past, and it just sort of seems like the past is also solidifying behind us to help support out creative efforts in the present.

When I start seeing the world like this, it means I am functioning in a highly connected state, and can see the designs of higher consciousness more clearly as the manifest in linear time.

Lightning Path Alexa Skill Prototype

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I made the following short video to demonstrate my initial prototyping work on the Lighting Path Alexa Skill:

I haven’t done too much with the Alexa skill yet, except to sort of start to chart out exactly how it is going to be structured.

One interesting aspect of it, is that when interacting with an Alexa, latency is an issue. In other words, people don’t like waiting (!) for a response.

So the initial work I did had to do with reducing latency by pre-generating the required code, and hosting it all on Amazon’s server infrastructure.

This is a type of meta-programming (i.e. writing software to generate other software) which I have always been interested in.

In this case, what I did was create an initial meta engine that basically interacts with Michael’s main LP server to get some quotes, and then generates some quickly executing code for to deployment to Amazon’s cloud infrastructure that doesn’t need to interact with the main LP server at all on each Alexa request.

Doing it this way reduces lot obviously on the main LP server, and also causes the Alexa to respond instantly to your LP requests.

(Note: my meta engine runs periodically, figures out if new content is available on the LP server, and if so, regenerates what is needed for deployment to the Amazon cloud.)

Often I don’t really know why I am necessarily doing what I am doing. I just sort of go with the flow, and approach what I am working on in an intuitive way.

But in retrospect, how I can see now that how architectured this was right on.

For sure it was very smart to approach it this way from the beginning, because it will make a big difference once the user base of the Lighting Path starts to grow.

We can use a similar architectural approach when we port this functionality to the Google Assistant, and within a few years, we will have lots of our users engaging with Lighting Path content via their smart speakers and in-dash consoles in their cars.

It is amazing how quickly the world is changing.

LP App bug fix release

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Small bug fix releases to the Amazon (version 2.7) and Google Play (version 3.5) editions of the Lightning Path Mystery School and Archetype App were released today. No new features are present in either version, but a problem of losing context during screen orientation changes was addressed.

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