Kudalini Piano Mirror, Android version 1.2 update

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I updated the Android version of the Kundalini Piano Mirror today.

The major reason for the update was just to comply with Google’s latest requirements to target API level 29.

Additionally, I also updated the code to utilize androidx, and recompiled the whole thing using the latest version of Android Studio (4.0.1).

The App is available on Google play here:

And the latest code is available on GitHub here:


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The Bach-In-The-Mirror project is an example usage of my Mozart Tranposition Engine, which displays the 15 Two Part Inventions by Johann Sebastian Bach.

The app displays the inventions in all keys and with optional symmetrical inversion in each key.

The scores are produced with my Mozart Transposition Engine, are typeset with GNU Lilypond, and are designed to be used with my Kundalini Piano Mirror.

Live version is here:

Source is here:

Version 1.7 of Kundalini Piano Mirror available

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I recently released version 1.7 of the Win32 version of the Kundalini Piano Mirror, the source code of which is available on Github.

Currently, no binary installers exist for this version.

Major changes:

  • bug fixes to the metronome functionality
  • the ability to utilize a unique sound for the downbeats when using the metronome
  • the ability to set the keyboard split point. (Normally, we mirror the keyboard about middle D, but it is now possible to split it at another point, such as the A Flat below, for example.)

Lightning Path Alexa Skill updated for new LP Podcast

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Recently The Lightning Path has launched it’s official podcast, which today I am pleased to announce is also available through the Lightning Path Alexa skill.

To enable the Lightning Path on your Alexa, just go to the Amazon page above and click on ‘Enable.’

Then just say “Alexa, ask Lightning Path to play Podcast” any time to hear the latest episodes from the LP Podcast as they are released.

Version 1.6 of Kundalini Piano Mirror available

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I am in the process of pushing version 1.6 of the Win32 version of the Kundalini Piano Mirror to Github.

New features include an embedded LUA interpreter, and embedded metronome functionality.

These new features work together to allow the system to support several interesting new capabilities, such as “auto legato”, where the system helps the pianist achieve a smooth legato sound, and “computer assisted dynamics”, where the system helps the pianist with dynamics and phrasing.

The system can do these things because it is now possible for the pianist to create their own .LUA scripts for various passages (or entire pieces) that they want to play. These scripts allow the system to modify the pianist’s dynamics and phrasing in real-time, based on where they are at in the piece.

For additional information, please see this post.

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