The Bursting Dam

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The Bursting Dam, an original poem by Benjamin Pritchard

A bunch of guys,
who have no clue,
confused and dazed,
by me and you.

Awakening masses,
a global threat,
the future uncertain,
with no sure bet.

What to do?
Which way to go?
Their minds are dams,
but life’s a flow!

So help them, help them,
call them to play!
Anger and hated?
Keep it at bay!

Instead of that,
just try to see,
that death isn’t way
to any destiny.

So just let it go,
and start here fresh,
and don’t demand,
your pound of flesh.

A world of plenty,
a brand new day?
But the leaders too,
have roles to play.

So in your mind,
just see them wake,
to make good decisions,
which are their’s to make.

And once it bursts,
the dam is gone,
then trust us, trust us,
you’ll be no pawn.

So hold on tight,
and want the best,
just don’t forget,
to include the rest.

we found the stars tonight

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Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

we found the stars tonight, an original free-form poem by Benjamin Pritchard

I went out walking tonight,

around kent, a place where i live and grew up.

times have changed though,

and now, my wife is with me

and though i feel old, the world seems new.

enjoying the cool breeze, and the freedom of no destination,

eventually we wandered into a grassy place.

the world: quiet and still…

then all at once she proclaimed:

“look – the stars!”

and thus

we found the stars tonight

The Invocation of The Present

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The Invocation of The Present, an original poem by Benjamin Pritchard.

I am calm, and centered: always.

I am alert to, aware of, and interested in, the world around me.

I am present and merged with my actions.

My mind is quite, and at peace.

And if I stray, I trust the breath to bring me back,

because in truth, it is always so, that

I am here,


The Gates Were Opened

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The Gates Were Opened, an original poem by Benjamin Pritchard

And behold, the fearless received the keys to the city, and the gates were thrown open, whereupon the travelers entered easily thereof, thus dwelling forever in the garden oasis, where the long-time sunshine shines ever on, and on.


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Kundalini, an original poem by Benjamin Pritchard and Michael Sharp

A thousand years it lies asleep, gently slumbers at your feet.
When at last the time is right, it starts to wake, and then takes flight.
Up through the chakras, begins to move… picks up speed, and finds its groove.
When at last its work is done, our eyes are open… time for fun!!!

But before it does, you must beware, of power/glory of its flare.
You must prepare, or you’ll be snared, or dazed by brightness of its glare.
So in this moment, say I to you. Don’t be a stooge, align true blue.
Approach the world with sight brand new. And let that Kundalini through!

The Lover’s Reunion

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The Lover’s Reunion, an original poem by Benjamin Pritchard:

Escaping all contrived destinations,

the lover’s meet nowhere.

Illusions abandoned…

All time is lost; only now exists.

The fire of passion burns brightly

as they stare into themselves

with each other’s eyes.

Please Hurry Along

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Please hurry along, an original poem by Benjamin Pritchard

Just round the corner, just up the way,

a new world beckons, and awaits the day,

when sleeping bodies, start to wake,

and brand new song, all finally make.


Until that day, the light shines bright…

but for now must wait, in darkest night.

No one is sure, how long it will take,

but please hurry along, for all our sake.

While cities burn, and children die,

all we can do, is wonder why…

that eyes stay shut, with truth denied,

despite the fact, that its time: TO FLY!!

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